Pharmacist Gary Grove: Why I Became a Pharmacist

I chose the profession of pharmacy because I wanted to follow in my dad’s footsteps. My dad, Donald Grove, Sr., founded Grove Pharmacy in 1952 in Springfield, MO. He loved helping patients and loved his job, and in turn all his patients loved him.

Because I loved my parents so much, one of my favorite areas to work in is Geriatrics. These patients are often so vulnerable, so I find special satisfaction in working with them and making sure they are well taken care of. Another area of care I enjoy is working with HIV and Hepatitis patients. These individuals are sometimes neglected by health care professionals because their medication regimens are extremely complex, or because of close-mindedness and judgmental attitudes.

The last area of pharmacy I truly love is compounding, for the practice goes back to the ancient times when alchemists mixed remedies to help heal maladies and alleviate pain. Compounding is a great practice in pharmacy, which we in the profession need to fight to preserve in modern times. Many people, specifically children and people with allergies, are significantly helped by compounded medications.

Lastly, I have great pride that Grove Pharmacy is approaching its third generation in the Grove family, and I hope to continue our family’s legacy of health care service in the community.


Gary W. Grove, RPh

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