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You’re Not Old, Just Older

You’ve been in your body longer than anyone else, and no one knows your body better than you. Most patients can sense when something isn’t right, way before a doctor tells them. Sometimes when you’re not feeling right, you may attribute it to getting older; however, getting older is not a reason to not feel well. Do you feel like your “get up and go” has gone off somewhere? Perhaps you find yourself taking naps more frequently. Maybe you just aren’t as happy as you used to be and you don’t find pleasure in the same

Home safe home: Reducing the risk of falling at home

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about half of all falls happen at home. Taking a tumble indoors can cause minor injuries––cuts, bumps and bruises––or result in a life-changing injury––head trauma or a broken hip––that threatens one’s independence. In fact, falls are the leading cause of both fatal and nonfatal injuries in older adults. Falls are costly in terms of independence Unfortunately, the risk for falling only increases with each decade of life. For instance, people age 75 and older who fall are four to five times more likely than those age 65 to

Is your diet aging you? Simple strategies to keep you young, inside and out

Yes, what you put on your plate might be affecting what you see in the mirror. But how? “Poor-quality foods, like trans fats, cause inflammation -- and aging is basically a chronic inflammatory state," says Timothy Harlan, MD. He is assistant professor of medicine at Tulane University School of Medicine. "Can you look older because you’re eating crap? Absolutely." Continue reading below... For example, eating too much sugar and processed carbohydrates (like pasta, bread, and baked goods) can lead to damage in your skin's collagen, which is what keeps your skin springy and resists wrinkles, says Andrea Giancoli,